I am having some issues uploading my windows 8 ISO help?

OKay so i just got my comp and everything is running fine i bought all the parts myself and the only thing thats being an issue is my old hard drive i had to put in i was in a budget so i skimped out on an hard drive .... so i put in an old one and now im trying to get it up and running with window's 8 the old hard drive had the blue screen of death so right now im trying to get it running but its not detecting my drivers and when it does and i try to use them with a custom installation that wipes the hard drive clean it says partition not found... i also found out i can re image my hard drive please someone help i wanna get my comp up and running ASAP
I bought window's 8 already i just cant get it running onto my comp and it has to be through and ISO cause i dont have a DVD Drive on my comp
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  1. Save your ISO to somewhere like desktop where you can easily find it.

    Software to set up your Flash Drive


    Scroll down to 'Download YUMI'
    Insert your Pendrive and note it's Drive Letter (Important!)
    Run the software once downloaded
    Select the correct Drive Letter
    Scroll down the list of Distros to 'Windows Vista/7/8
    Browse to the location of your ISO (Desktop)
    It should look something like this

    Boot from your Flash and when you get to 'Where do you want to Install Windows' screen, choose Drive Options (Advanced) to delete all partitions on your Drive and install to Unallocated Space.
  2. ty so very much
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