Need a little help with choosing a mother board that is compatible with my hardware.

First of all, Hi there, I've been using Tomshardware for the past 2 weeks to learn about computers and recently bought a new case as a start to learn where everything goes. But now, I need a bit help.

I have a AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE processor and wanted to upgrade the motherboard, but have no idea what is a good motherboard for this particular processor. Sorry if I'm not making sense, I'm still new and learning. Right now, I have a Biostar TA785GE that was given to me.

I'm not sure if other parts should be listed but i'll list some anyway:
-AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
-Gigabyte GeForce 650 ti
-h50 corsair water cooler
-nzxt guardian 921 rb

If there are parts required that I did not put, I apologize, I will put them if asked. Im using the PC for gaming and I know my parts aren't the greatest for now. Please help a noobie out and recommend me to some? I'm somewhat on a budget of 170-200$.

Thanks in advance. :)
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