AMD/ATI Video Driver has stopped working properly. 0n my HP g62 laptop

the solution i am given by Microsoft is to uninstall the driver but if I do this will i still have a display I am a complete novice at computers
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  1. If you uninstall drivers, you're just basically running on a basic function of the graphics card, you won't receive the processing power the graphics card has. It's safe.
  2. Thanks Calnin I will try to uninstall the driver but could you tell me if by doing this and going to the basic functionality will it affect the performance of my computer. I do play games on it but only hidden object games no high powered stuff and i use it for typing surfing and emailing. I also use it for downloading films. Keep it basic cos if you gey into techie stuff i go unconcious
  3. You'll feel a noticeable performance drop in graphics, if that's what you're asking, but reinstalling the drivers should fix that. Just let it uninstall, restart, then reinstall, and restart. It's a simple process. I'd suggest downloading the latest drivers from AMD's website.
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