Will i have enough power?

hello i have recently bought a intel i5 4670k and i also getting a XFX radeon 290 and i was wondering if i will have enough power with the corsair CX750M. Will this be enough power or should i get a better PSU? or a different GPU that is just as good but uses less power. and i am planning to overclock in the future.

Motherboard :Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP
CPU : Intel i5 4670k socket 1150
RAM : 4GB of ddr3 strontium memory (getting some more)
PSU : Corsair CX750M
HDD : Seagate barracuda 1tb
*no LEDs or any lighting
*i would like to buy from (i know the one i mentioned is not avliable at centrecom but i have a friend that can get me one)
*Has to be around $500 -550 AU
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  1. More than enough!
  2. Best answer
    You have enough power for your build.If you planned to add more ram modules and overclock its enough for that also .
    No need to buy New PSU.
  3. sweet thanks also how much of a load on the PSU will their be!?
  4. After adding more ram modules and one ssd or hdd it will be about 700W.
  5. ok thanks Curiousaboutpc
  6. my pleasure
  7. Estimated power usage of a 290 is about 250w under full load.

    The Intel i5 3570 is rated at 85w.

    Memory and SSd's will prob use 30-40w combined.

    So yeah prob less than 700w.
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