just installed a new hard drive and I dont see it in computer and in disk manger it shows up as uncollated more info in desc

I just recently installed a new hard drive in my computer and when I go to disk manger to format it it shows up as uncollated. So I turned off my computer and took out my old hard drive and left my new drive in and when I boot up my cd room to install windows it says Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key
Plzzz help!
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More about installed hard drive dont computer disk manger shows uncollated info desc
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    New hard drive must show unallocated space because it isn't used before its fine..follow the steps and create partitions for your new hard drive
  2. Thanks for the quick reply but my computer won't turn on now it turns on fo a second the fans spins and then it turns off
  3. it's because you removed your drive with the OS on it. you need to put the old drive in and, if it's still set as your first boot priority, then you'll be able to load Windows and follow the instructions through the OS to format the new drive.
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