pc shuts down and turns off repeatedly

So yesterday i finally got the last pieces so start assemblong on my own a new pc. I had a couple of drawbacks. My cpu got " stuck" at some point when trying to installing it but there was no harm done and installed it just fine afterwards.

I had issues while trying to install the cpu fan but just researched how to do it and finally got it done.

Problems with attaching the cables of the i/o front pannel but i think i got it to work.

I feel like i did everything i was supposed to but still i didnt manage to get my new pc wrking. Right now all it does is turns on for les than a sec and then shuts down, over and over again.

My system:

CPU I3-3220

PSU corsair cx 600

RAM Corsair 8 gb single stick

MOBO AsRock z75 pro 3.

Case Thermal take mk 1

By the way, the cases fan and cpu fans all manage to turn on except the fan from the back of the case. Could it be a deattached cable? Everything looks just fine. I connected the HDD to the SATA 3 instead of 2 yet i dont believe this ma cause any issues.

I plugged the PSU to both MOBO and CPU, as well to the GPU. Im simply lost and thinking about taking it to a cpu technician.

Thanks in advance for any help or tips you could offer.
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  1. It concerns me with your saying "your CPU got stuck" during installation. If any of the pins connecting the CPU to socket were bent/damaged, that could be the issue. Also, since you had "issues" installing the CPU cooler, if it is not installed/seated correctly that could be the problem. Did your case come with a motherboard speaker in its accessories?
  2. i was worried too when it got stuck but it was merely a " it didnt fit" at the first try and without forcing it and gently i took it down and then installed it corretly, it went smoothly after that. Even so i checked it right now and there doesnt seem to be any bent pins "at least at simply sight". BUT again i had the issue to correctly install the fan. one of the push pins doesnt go throught the motherboard.

    In any case i have been trying to find a faulty one. Took out the GPU with no luck, same with the RAM stick and same thing hapened. Im not sure if i can try doing it without the CPU and im afraid of doing so, same with the cpu fan.

    And yes i installed the case speaker. No succesfull boot whatsoever nor beep sound.
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    No beep is not a good sign, all I can recommend is to read your motherboard manual's "Troubleshooting" section and if all else fails, take it to a shop/technician.
  4. So basically it is most likely either the motherboard or the cpu has been or is damaged.
  5. not necessarily, but can't say for sure
  6. Is there any way i could "confim" so? I have tried my PSU and GPU in another pc and as expected both are working. Im not sure how to test either the motherboard and/or the CPU.

    By the way is theres a chance a bad cable connection could cause this. I really doubt it but woudlnt hurt asking.

    It might have been when the cpu got "stuck" but again it wasnt inside the socket but then again it might.
  7. Alright i think i found a solution yet i havent tried. Like i stated at the start i had issues when connecting the i/o front pannels which this i meant the led + -, power sw, reset, etc. Now the case where they come from dont specify which goes in which (which ¨hole¨is the ground and the other isnt).

    Anyway whiel searching it seems someone had the very same issue. Does it matter the position you plug these cables? Or have i plugged them in the wrong pins?
  8. Alright. Its been a long time but still. It seems the motherboard came in faulty (My only "concern" about the cpu getting " stuck" before installing it wasnt, like i said, any big deal. Nothing wrong ocurred to the MOBO when it happened).

    The MOBO wasnt only just randomly turning off and on over and over again. But it wasnt using the cpu whatsoever. After a few seconds on the cpu was still cool. (To verify this the technician also tried booting it up with another cpu, same results).

    In any case i already got a refund.

    By the way, out of context and funnily enough, before purchasing this MOBO i just had this bad feeling. I know shit happens but god damn.
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