My nvidia Evga gtx 760 2 gb max clocks help! overheating!

I have got a problem in which my 2gb Evga blower nvidia gtx 760 get about 65-70c while AND AT 1110 CORE CLOCK and I think max memory something in 1500's....... AT IDLE... I am going to do a clean windows install to fix this.... In other works my GPU Load is 80℅ at idle for some reading and it is processing the same way that is why the temps high... So tell me:

My question is until then if I keep using my GPU like this until windows install will it damage my GPU or PC plz tell me...
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  1. Those temps are usually on Full Load, so no, it won't harm your pc now, unless you make your pc need its full load then the temps might reach 100C+. So just stay in windows and don't run any intensive programmes now.
  2. That's really hot for idle. I don't think reinstalling Windows is going to do anything. Maybe update drivers instead. The card's cooler might be badly seated on the GPU chip.

    By the way, you might want to remove that super long thread tag before a moderator does something about it.
  3. 65-70c is not overheating unless if the card is getting to these temperatures without gaming or doing anything gpu intensive. I think this is a dust clog problem inside the card's cooling heat sink, which need to be removes, cleaned and apply some thermal paste in the square shaped gpu chip that is under the heat sink . In no way shape or form this is an Operating system issue, so re installing windows wont work. Go to YouTube and watch a tutorial on how to disassemble your card to clean the heat sink
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