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if I try to shut down my PC it says 'if you shutdown now, you and any other people using this PC could lose unsaved data'. BUT its not getting shutdown even after logging out of user account. Please help me
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  1. There may be other computer(s) on your network that have an open file on your computer. The easiest way to troubleshoot this would be to shut down all other computers on the network, then try to shut your computer off.

    If there are no other computers on your network, you may have a process running (it could have stopped responding) that has an open file. Check task manager to see if common applications like firefox, chrome, internet explorer, word, excel, etc...are running.
  2. Last thing to try - hold ctrl-shift and right-click a blank area of the start menu, and you'll get "Exit Explorer" - choose exit explorer, and it should close things down.
  3. You probably have some programs running in the background, hold cntrl alt del, start the task manager, and check whats running
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