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hi there im really stuck atm i have an a55 fm2 board with an a8 5600k in it but i also have a hd 7850 gpu so i really need help as to which is the best cpu i should switch to as i hear having and apu and gpu is not the best option but im restricted with the fm2 board please help
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  1. What are you most wanting to improve, i.e. what is not running as well as you'd like?
  2. well see thats the thing im not really having any issues as such its all very nice the one problem i do see is just that i have a very high cpu temp all of the time evn when idle when idle its at about 60c and when im gaming its pushing 85c it scares me a bit sometimes.
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    60C idle is way too warm. Is your system overclocked? If so, you may need to back it down some. If not, your existing cooler may not be securely mounted, or there may be way too much or not enough thermal paste.
    You may just need a better cooler. I use and recommend the Xigmatek Gaia over the more often parroted but slightly inferior Hyper212 EVO:

    Unlike the Hyper212 EVO (ignore the URL; it IS the EVO they tested), the Gaia never throttled, although it wasn't always the coolest depending on the fan used. Both got awards, but the Gaia is usually cheaper as well, and up to 6db quieter (stock), making it the better choice.
  4. thanks very much i really appreciate it i will do that then and hopefully my temp will drop because i am aware i am still using the standard amd fan so thanks very much for your help :)
  5. and no it is not overclocked
  6. the one other thing is i have a micro atx case so will they fit in it ok?
  7. As long as it is not a slim case, either of those coolers should fit. Which case is it? You might need to remove a side fan (if there is one). What fans are in your case? Make sure they are arranged to create a flow through the case, typically front to back.
    that is my case there as it was originally a pre build please dont laugh i know this already lol (pre build pffft) which i have been customizing a bit myself there is the one fan on the back of the case.
  9. Hmmm, if that rear fan is only 80mm, it may not be quite wide enough. You might be limited to a 92mm cooler. Even something inexpensive like would be a lot better than the stock cooler.
  10. i just took a mesuarement from the motherboard to the case its15cm so 150 mm so i should be good for a 120mm fan then shouldnt i?
  11. Check the dimensions. The fan won't be flush with the mobo, so the total height is more than just the fan. For example, the Gaia lists a total height of 159mm, so it would not fit.
  12. i got way down and measured it properly because i was measuring from my vga slot the last time so i measured straight from the motherboard and it seems to be 17cm from motherboard to the closing of my case
  13. The CPU in its socket won't be flush with the board, although it won't be as high as a PCIe slot either. It looks like a tight fit at best.
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