Thinking about selling my two Sapphire Flex 7950s so I can buy one top end card.

Hello all. I currently have two Sapphire 7950 Flex cards in my computer. They provide decent performance in games but I want more. Honestly, I want to be able to play the most demanding games and never dip below 60FPS. I currently play on a 1080p monitor. When I bought the first 7950, I was sure that with a $300 card I would be able to maintain 60fps in any game. Boy was I mistaken. A single 780 Ti gets an average of 48fps in Crysis 3 with max settings and 4XAA. And that is the fastest single GPU available.

Right, so back to my questions...

1. Do you think I could get around $600 for my two 7950s? They are in pristine condition and I have the boxes and all that stuff.

2. Provided I sell the cards for around 600 bucks, what GPU(s) would you suggest I buy?

I have a number of cards in mind and I will list them.

2X 770s, although I don't think that two of these would give me the performance I'm looking for, I would probably be able to get them both at the same time and it would cost under 700 bucks for both.

R9 290 or 290X. I know that the reference coolers are pretty bad and make a lot of noise. But I am seeing a few cards with after market coolers now.
I know they were priced more attractively when they were released. My main concern with these AMD cards would probably be Crossfire. I've not really experienced any problems with my Crossfire setup. I waited until I saw feedback on AMD's frame pacing driver to buy the second card. However, I have read that the 290X does not scale very well in Crossfire, something along the lines of only 47% increase in performance over a single R9 290X and 30% over a single Titan although considering the 290X is faster than the Titan that doesn't make any sense. Anyway, those are my concerns with the AMD cards. I also know about mantle and the new gaming consoles using AMD parts which could possibly result in a lot of games running better on AMD?? I'm skeptical about that myself but what do I know lol

Now for Nvidia, 780/780 Ti

Great performing/looking coolers and probably better scaling in SLI. No Mantle and Nvidia is not in the PS4 or Xbox One, don't know if that really matters.

That's it then, apologies for the long post. Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated of course. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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  1. Yes now might be a good time to sell your 7950s with the mining rush going on. But to really never go below 60fps in demanding games is too much to ask for.

    Two 770's probably has the most potential of all the options you mentioned, but going dual cards right off the bat might not be a good thing to do.

    Custom 290s and 290Xs are already out at Newegg. Might be a good alternative to the 780 Ti although the price is heading towards the same as the latter.


  2. Huilun02- If I get one of the top end cards, I'll end up getting a second one later. I was just saying that I could get 770s for the price of a 780 ti. But I don't think that two 770s would keep me above 60fps. I really like 60+fps in my games and I hate dipping under it because I start to see the stutter.
    I wish these games were not so demanding but a lot of them are =/ Wouldn't two of the top end GPUs keep me above 60FPS though?

    Iknowhow- I don't know what games you are playing man but games like Crysis 3, FarCry 3, Tomb Raider, Witcher 2 and many others are very taxing. I shudder to think what torture future games will inflict on GPUs. To be honest, you can probably run most games on that 7870 and be well above 60ps. But I tend to play the most taxing games for some reason lol
  3. Of those games Crysis 3 is a lot more demanding than the rest. If you like pushing your cards try maxing Arma 3, CoD Ghosts and AC Black Flag on your PC. I tell you never dipping below 60 will be impossible.

    Adding another top of the line card is not as simple as doubling the frames, you have to deal with SLI scaling. Some games like Arma don't even like SLI to begin with.
  4. well that's some terrible news.
  5. So even with say 4X 780 ti, you can't stay above 60fps?

    At any rate, wouldn't two 780 ti be much faster than 2 7950s?
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    You seem to still be in the preconception that more performance is as simple as adding more cards. Though generally true, like I said you have to deal with scaling. And scaling gets worse for every card you add. No one here is going to guarantee you will never dip below 60 no matter what conceivable graphics setup you might have.

    And I don't think you can have four 780 Ti. The max number of cards in SLI is three.

    Yes two 780 Ti is definitely faster than two 7950s.
  7. I realize that there's more to it than just adding another card and the scaling and how different games work with multi card setups.

    Crysis 3 maxed out I get about 40FPS average I would say. That's with two 7950s. One 780 ti gets 48fps average. This why I thought that 2 780 ti would stay well above 60fps. But I understand what you are saying. And I'm only playing on 1080p, didn't think you need so much juice at that resolution.

    Anyway I'd love to stay above 60fps at all times but if I can't have that then I'd like to be as close to it as possible.
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