Would these specs make a good budget gaming PC? (for next-gen)?

CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 (3,3G)
Graphics Card: HD7750 1GB
RAM: Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600Mhz CL9 XMS3 Performance Desktop Memory Kit
PSU: 400Watt

is it okay for next-gen games ? (like Battlefield 4 , Dying Light , Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag...etc)

i dont care if i run these games on medium settings , just tell me how good or how bad it is and if everything fits together ..... (i mean if this mother board support all of that list)
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  1. The parts will work together. But performance will be inferior to both Xbox One and PS4. You'll be playing those games at like low-medium settings if at 1080p.
  2. and if at 720p ? or (res:1024x768) can i max everything out ?
  3. and if at 720p ? or (res:1024x768) can i max everything out ?
  4. No I don't think so.
  5. what if i get 7850 HD 1GB ? :/
  6. Best answer
    Yes a HD 7850 has a much better chance of high or better settings at 720p. I won't guarantee you anything though, as I've never used a 7850 or played at 720p.
  7. Thank You SOO Much :) You Really Helped...... Let's Hope I Can Get That HD 7850
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