GTX 770 2gb vs GTX 590 on a Waterblock!

Hey guys, so here's my dillemma:

I am buying a graphics card for my new system, and have two offers: A gtx 770 2gb for $210 or a GTX 590 with a waterblock 3gb for $260!

I know most would say "get the 770, its new, blah blah blah," But I play heavily modded skyrim and am slightly concerned about the 2gb or RAM. Also, I have a custom loop installed and use a phenom ii 1090t overclocked to 4.2ghz, I can push it more if need be, so the 590 would benefit from some nice clocks without worrying about heat.

And I only have a corsair tx650, will that handle all of this?

If the 1090t is a bottleneck for either card, that's not too big a deal I can grab an 8320 and OC it for $100 or less in the future. But money is tight now, so which do you think is better?


PS - I play skyrim modded, dayz, crysis 3, battlefield 3 and 4, batman arkham, will play titanfall, borderlands 2, and do some heavy emulating like gamecube and wii. Thanks!
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  1. Still, the GTX 770. Because a single GPU gives more consistent performance and is easier to deal with. With your concern about vram, heavily modded Skyrim will still run beautifully with 2gb.

    Your overclocked 1090T will still be good, as well as your 650W PSU.
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    Memory speed is faster on the 770 using less power. To put it into perspective, you would require a 700W psu compared to a 550W psu on the same system. The 770 uses 230W while the 590 uses 365W. You mention that you have a tx650 (I have one too :) ) which would not be able to assist your needs if you're overclocking the card, yet alone not overclocking the 590.

    Now for performance, BF4 actually uses just a bit more than 2gb of VRAM but the 770 at this moment can handle what BF4 needs at 60fps 1080p.

    Also how much ram do you have? With the 590 it is recommended that you use 12gb of ram with the video card and if you only have 8gb I'd go with the 770.

    Final Recommendation: For your needs, a gtx 770 would be perfect!
  3. ---accidental post ignore :3 ----
  4. +1 gtx 770
  5. GTX770
  6. well thanks guys these have been very helpful! Ok I think I'll go with the 770 then and try grab a waterblock down the road to add it to my loop. Who knows maybe a 4gb version will roll around as an offer soon, thanks!
  7. ahh new dillema... Someone just offered a gtx 670 ftw 4gb on a block for the same price.... oh the decisions!
  8. haha stick with the 770 over the 670 :) you don't need the extra vram
  9. why does it double post - _ -
  10. Plus the new 770 will have a full warranty.
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