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Alright I tried to connect my xbox 360 to the internet and it connects to the router fine but it has a big red X on the router connecting to the internet I checked all the settings and all the settings are right. What do I do?
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  1. When you say a big red X are you talking about it flagged in the routers devices connected list.
    If so it is likely depending on the brand of router that you may have to setup port forwarding for xbox 360 services.

    You will need the IP address that the router has given the xbox 360.
    And the list of port forward numbers to place in the router to allow it to pass through it.

    To set it up look for port forwarding in the routers menu system after logging into it.

    Then Ip given to xbox 360 via router.
    Port address. or range from to.
    The protocol type UDP or TCP or both.

    Each number listed must be set up.
    Give each a name example Xbox 1, Xbox2 for each port entered.

    Save the current settings and exit the router. The ports you need to open can be found by clicking on the link in this post.
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