Can i de-activate windows and use key on my new pc?

got a few lenevo think centres with windows 7 pro 64 bit....

i have a custom built pc with windows 7 pro 64 bit not activated.

can i de actiavate windows on the lenevo think center and use the key and activate windows 7 on my custom pc?

i dont mind calling microsoft or anything

or if i cant do that, is windows loader any good?
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  1. No you cannot as it'd be say "linked" to your motherboard when you had purchased your lenevo

    This is what Microsoft has said:

    "You can upgrade any components or peripherals on your PC and keep your license intact. You can replace the motherboard with an identical model or an equivalent model from the OEM if it fails. However, if you personally replace or upgrade the motherboard, your OEM Windows license is null and void"
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