I only have one Digital Audio out on TV and surround sound, how to get wireless headphones to work

I have a Panasonic TC-P42S2 Plasma HDTV with Panasonic Blu-Ray Sound System SC-BT730.

The TV only has one Digital Audio out, which is being used by the Surround Sound System.

I would also like to use a wireless headphone, but notice there is only ONE digital audio out on the TV.

I purhased a Toslink Splitter and a Digital to Analog converter (since my headphones are analog)
get no audio to the wireless speakers, but I do get audio to the surround sound. I looked on the back of the surround sound system and do see a unused AUX port.

Any ideas on how to get this to work? Do I have the right converter, or is it possible the converter is bad?
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  1. Would the splitter work if I attached a optical signal amp to it?
  2. zchamps

    TOSLINK and SPDIF splitters usually work great, so the problem shouldn't be there (unless you are one of the 1% to have a defective one).

    BUT Sometimes the signal strength coming out the two downstream sides is NOT the same as the signal strength going in! It might be reduced and not powerful enough to push past your new digital to analog converter (if I understand your present set up correctly). This could be solved by adding an "in-line" amp/booster (for the signal. OR you could replace the "splitter" with a switch (so your signal strength would be the same to either component).

    A signal amp like this

    Digital to Analog Converter
    On the other hand, re-evaluate your analog to digital converter! Most sold ONLY convert one way. That is Analog TO digital......NOT Digital TO Analog.

    Take a look at the original instructions that came with your converter. Which way does it convert?

    If your converter IS digital to analog, your converter just might be bad and you need a replacement.

    Analog to Digital

    Digital to Analog

    CABLES ******IMPORTANT******
    Additionally, check out the actual cables you are using. Have you tried swapping them out with different HIGHER QUALITY ones to see if an analog or digital cable is bad???? I have seen several "splitter" problems solved JUST by replacing the cables originally used! Digital or Analog cables can go bad/be bad. It is worth testing.

    Hope this helps,

  3. zchamps

    Just following up. Any luck?

  4. I have the same problem ,Santa brought me a 55 inch lg smart tv,and I have the old sennheiser head phones. Went in to radio shack got the digital converter but worked ok when watching regular tv but when i went to watch and listen to netflex the head phones would not work. Do i need to buy optical headphones and toss the sennhiesers
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