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a b 4 Gaming
December 31, 2013 12:59:23 PM

I'm building a PC for gaming and recording. How much better or faster is the SSD? And if I should get and SSD what size should I get and should I get a HDD? If I should also get a HDD what size should I get?
My current PC has a 500 gb hard drive and it's almost filled.
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a b 4 Gaming
a b } Memory
December 31, 2013 1:03:22 PM

Size is relative to how much you will need.

If you can afford it, I would opt to never get a standard HDD, the SSD is superior in every aspect, and is significantly faster than a HDD.

If you have a lot of extra media and whatnot (seems like you do) get a 120 or 250GB SSD for your OS, programs, games, and the like, and a standard HDD for all of your media; pics, movies, etc.

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a b 4 Gaming
a b } Memory
December 31, 2013 1:07:02 PM

There are lots of threads and articles on this; have you read them?
Most of us build a hybrid system, with the operating system installed on the SSD and data files like music, video, and documents on the cheaper-per-gigabyte HDD. There's not much point putting music on an SSD when the data rate is such that an HDD can keep up with eight (a random number) different streams without trouble.

Having the OS on the SSD will make the system feel more responsive. Having games installed on the SSD will make them start faster, and levels load faster, but will not affect frame rates. And installing games to the SSD is expensive - if they take up a lot of room, you need a large SSD.

If you are recording 4k video, you may need to record to SSD or a tricked-out RAID array, as a hard drive could not keep up.

For the software that I have installed, my 128 GB SSD will last me many years. I have a 1 TB HDD in the machine also; I suggest that you get at least that much since it's only double what you have now. I would
1) Attach only the SSD
2) Install the OS
3) Attach, format and partition the HDD
4) Move My Documents and My Everything Else to a directory on the HDD.
5) Copy what I need off the old hard drive to the new one and put the old one in a drawer, just in case you need something else from it later. If you just plug in the old one, you will have two issues. First, the system will try to boot from it sometimes, not from your nice new SSD. Second, file ownerships will be messed up, which is why I prefer copying to a new drive.

Don't forget to have at least one external drives and do backups of any files that you really want to still have next week.
a b 4 Gaming
a b } Memory
December 31, 2013 1:07:59 PM

The SSD is tremendously faster than a HDD. The price is too.....My suggestion - figure out what the minimal amount of storage is needed on the SSD and add about 1/3 more storage (i.e. - if you think you need 90GB, buy a 120GB - (90GB / 3 = 30GB + 90GB = 120GB)).

Buying a 1TB HDD is about $60-$90 depending upon quality/speed. Buying a 1TB SSD would be about $600 (10X the price, but you can get about 100X performance).

Typical installations of Windows 7 plus a few programs will use 40-60GB. Remember one thing about estimating games - are you going to play all of them at one time, or 2-3 during a given time, where you can uninstall the game and reinstall later....