Should I upgrade my Ram and Hardrive in my laptop or just buy a new Computer?

I have a mac book pro 13 inch from mid 2012. I want to know if it is worth upgrading the Ram and hardrive or I should just buy an Imac desktop with all my needs. I use Adobe CS6 allot. I run photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign and other programs. Usually 2 programs at a time, at least. I have seen my computer slow down allot when I use these programs together. I now their is allot of info running at the same time when i use them, which bring me to the question I have.
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  1. The Imac is going to be faster running multiple large programs. If you can live with the expense and lack of portability, go for it. Or even a Mac Pro. That'll give you some impressive speed.

    On the cheap, RAM should help a little with those apps.
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