Computer won't boot after putting in second RAM stick

I just bought a newer version of the same RAM I had in my computer and when I put both of the RAM sticks in, my computer won't boot up. Why is this happening?
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  1. They prob don't like each other, it's never a good idea to mix sets of DRAM even of the same exact model, it can and often is problematic (as here)....What sets of DRAM do you have (the model #s and we might be able to make a voltage and/or timing adjustment to get them to play nice
  2. They are both Kingston KVR800D2N5/2G 1.8v and I'm not sure about the timing.
  3. Can try increasing the DRAM voltage, maybe plus 0.06
  4. And how would I do that?
  5. Go into BIOS and find the settings, manually make the changes
  6. Alright but I can only increase it by increments of 0.05. And I can't have both RAM sticks in to access my BIOS
  7. Boot to BIOs with 1 stick, increase DRAM voltage + 0.05, save, exit, power down, install other stick and try booting
  8. Just to be sure DRAM voltage is the same as Memory voltage right?
  9. DRAM and Memory voltage is the same thing yes
  10. And its Fox Central Control Unit under Voltage Options
  11. If you have a Foxconn mobo - didn't see mobo/CPU mentioned
  12. Sorry, yes I do have a foxconn mobo
  13. And a AMD Athlon dual core processor 5050e
  14. Give it a try
  15. Nothing. Computer still won't boot.
  16. May want to pull the gut's and bench it then, may be shorting on the case or something, have a guide that might help here:
  17. Would adjusting the DRAM Timing Configuration help? Right now its 5-5-5-15-3-20
  18. What is the DRAM model Number? Might try raising the CPU/NB voltage + 0.10
  19. Ok, It works now. I had to enable Bank Interleaving on my BIOS. Thank you for the help though.
  20. No worries, glad all is well
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