GTX660 vs GTX650ti boost

I am looking for a new GPU and have two choices in mind(under my budget). the GTX650ti boost and GTX660 . so what will be the better choice.
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  1. Specs? Power supply?
    Prices? 660 is better.
  2. The GTX 660 is a little bit faster than the GTX 650 ti boost, but I would get the ti boost if it is cheaper than the 660. (100% for the ti boost, 104% for the 660) and the ti boost can be up to $20 cheaper if you get a good deal on it.
  3. Embra said:
    Specs? Power supply?
    Prices? 660 is better.

    haswell i5 4430. corsair gx600 or plan for rm650. 16gb hyperX .
  4. Not my fav PSUs but will be fine.
  5. what should be the brand. EVGA or Gigabyte? in term of life, performance and cooling. asus is a bit expensive so just puzzled considering that one...
  6. Either are good, I tend to like EVGA for Nvida.
  7. gtx 660 is better then gtx 650ti boost

    i have gigabyte gtx660 2gb windforce with corsair vs650watts psu with my i5 2500k

    it is working very good no issues at all.

    +1 for gtx 660

    and good nvidia brands are

    evga,gigabyte,asus i have very good experince with these 3 brands i have been using these 3 brands from years either one will be good but evga is best !!!
  8. I don't know if 650ti boost is discontinued or sold out everywhere or what...but the places I've looked like amazon the prices when available are more than the 660 costs, and closer to what the newer 760 costs lol.

    660 is a little better. Just get whichever is cheaper though.
  9. EVGA has blower cooling system . which blows air directly out. but heatsink doesn't looked promising to me .
  10. For the price the 660 sales for (unless you find it cheap) the 7870ghz or the new r9 270x are actually better than it if you don't mind going with an AMD gpu instead
  11. R9 270x is more higher in cost... i am looking around 170$ or a little higher
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