I recently installed a new graphics card, and my boot time doubled

My entire build is listed here:

So recently I installed the GTX 770 into my build. Before I had the card, I was able to get boot times around 6 seconds. Now, it's around 15 seconds. I also updated windows after I installed all of the drivers for the card, could that be the issue?

I'm pretty sure the only programs I have running during boot are the drivers for my card, my mouse (ROCCAT Kone XTD), Avast antivirus, and the realtek audio driver with sound blaster cinema. I'm pretty sure everything is installed to the SSD.
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  1. when you installed the drivers for the card make sure you havent got any nvidia utilities etc running at startup. they have a way of slipping in there.
  2. in the bios turn off muilt monitor support if your not using the onboard video chipset. set the primany display from auto or ipgpu to peg/pci. the only other slow down will be showing the video card bios at boot.
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    It looks like I missed the "intel fast boot" in the bios settings. I dunno why I was booting so fast before, but I'm back to under 6 seconds.
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