How to set up a mouse and keyboard to control one laptop and a PC monitor interchageably

I am basically wanting the two screens to display two different things (one would have my e-mail up and the other I would use for other work related thinks, however I am always able to view my email on one of the screens). I want my mouse and keyboard to connect and my mouse to move from screen to screen. How do I set this up? I have all of the equipment already. Thanks!
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  1. Extend your desktop - it's a little different depending on the video driver. With Windows 7, you can typically right-click on your desktop and select screen resolution. If your monitor is connected to the laptop, you should be able to click the drop-down box next to multiple displays to select Extend these displays. Click Identify and it should tell you which monitor is which in terms of screen 1 and screen 2. Then, you drag the screens to represent where the monitors are physically located so that when you move your mouse to get between the different displays you are logically scrolling between them properly.

    If you don't see that option, it might take some trial and error. For some video cards, I have had to right-click on the main desktop and select graphics options, output to, extended desktop and then select which configuration I want. Typically, monitor will be your laptop screen and digital display will be your external monitor.

    In other cases, you have to go into your video driver's graphical options utility. I pray you get one of the easy ones because I would have to see the options to get it right.
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