Is this a good build for high end games?

So I am building a pc for personal use and occasionally some high end games.

Here are the specs:
- AMD FX 8320 8 core processor
- ASRock 990fx Extreme4 motherboard
- CM Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler
- Antec High Current Gamer 850 watt Power Supply
- GIGABYTE GTX 770 4gb Windforce OC Edition
- Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS 24x Optical Drive
- Windows 8.1 64 bit OEM

Will the graphics card be sufficient for high end games like 2013 and 14: bf4, Metro Last Light, Planetside 2, Arkham Origins, etc.

Also, If I plan to overclock my cpu in the future, is the cpu cooler good enough or will i need water cooled. (I mean like 4.5 Ghz or a little more). The case that I'm looking at is the Rosewill Blackhawk Mid tower gaming case. Is it any good? I chose the OEM edition of windows because it was cheaper than normal windows but is it any different.

Thanks for the help:D
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  1. yes, that will easily play the newest game titles on high settings and above
  2. If you give a budget, I can improve that system.
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    GTX 770 very good card for games I have the EVGA 770 ACX version.
    OEM is fine
    Rosewill offers great value in a case
    If you are going to OC much get a better cooler but for the price the CM 212 is hard to beat
    Corsair coolers are fine for budget WC they get a bad rap from some but are fine
  4. There is no such thing as win 8 oem . Its a home user license that lets you run it on your computer and two more after that one when it gets old [ if you want ] . It is identical to retail versions . Make sure you use 64 bit
    And you can add a start button with a free program called classic shell . Works well .

    You really only need a 600- 650 watt psu for that build

    I would down grade the psu and buy a better cooler
  5. radeon r280 would improve it
  6. kanakabp said:
    radeon r280 would improve it

    a 280? You mean a 280x maybe? The 280x is still under-powered compared to any 770. Also way less efficient.
  7. BranFlake5 said:
    If you give a budget, I can improve that system.

    My budget is around $1200
  8. Also, amd or Nvidia Card?
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