I changed my network setings and now my computer won't connect to the internet

So over 9 people were using my internet so I changed the password and setting then I realized I must have made it so only 3 devices can go on... So I changed the settings now my computer won't connect to the wifi but my iPod will. When I try to conect it, it says, "the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network" HELP!
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  1. Delete the existing saved network on your computer, then start afresh by making new connection as though it was for the first time, not forgetting that you must enter the new password when prompted, not the old one.
  2. adding this to prevent people to su your router without permission on the wireless put only the mac address of the device you own onthe wireless permit list and apply so they wont be able to connect without you adding there mac to this permit .
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