Help! Computer running very slowly after installing new graphics card

Help Please!

After installing a new graphics card (EVGA GeForce GTX 780 ti), my computer is running very slowly. My old graphics card was - NVidia Quadro fx 1800.

The only reason I wanted the new graphics card is so I can run the 3D texturing software Mari. My old graphics card worked great for all my other 3D software, but was not supported by Mari - even though its a Quadro.

I uninstalled the graphics card driver through the device manager, then used Driver Sweeper to remove any old graphics drivers, and then manually installed the Nvidia drivers for the gtx 780 ti that I downloaded from their site.

It is still running slowly...any thoughts?

BTW, my PSU is 700w and the minimum required for the gtx 780 ti graphic card is 600 w.

Thank you for any and all help!
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    You should be pumping out more than enough power with a 700W PSU for that 780 Ti.

    Nvidia drivers have a "clean install" option built into them. have you tried using that to see if that fixes the problem?
  2. Thanks for getting back CraigN! I was not aware of Nvidia's "clean install" option however I did uninstall and reinstall two times and the second time I made sure I ripped everything out in order to start my install from scratch.

    1. Boot into safe-mode
    2. Unninstall driver from device manager/ uninstall all software
    3. Use a tool to check if there are any left over files/drivers
    (I used drive sweeper)
    4. Reinstalled the new driver and software manually

    Everything "seems" to be running ok if I leave the computer running or just wake it from sleep but it's when I restart my system and boot up it seems like my rigg needs a newspaper, a bathroom break, and a few cups of coffee to get moving... This was not happening with my old graphics card and it is not any new start up programs.
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