i5 4670k stock cooler temps seem excessive.

Hello everyone, i recently just built my very own pc and am very happy with my selection of parts, but as i was recieving parts i got impatient so instead of waiting for my h80i i simply built with the stock cooler and plan on removing it this week for the h80i. But my main concern is the temps seem strange, im getting 33 to 36c at a dead idle, i feel like it should be more around 28c with an ambient temperature of about 22 to 24c, i also have fan power splitters on the way so i will soon have 4 fans plus the fan on the h80i rad running soon. and maybe also what my prospective temps would be at stock clocks once i have the h80i in my build? i want to get a ballpark figure bc i plan a small OC.

Specs: CPU: i5 4670k at stock 3.4ghz to 3.8ghz turbo
MOBO: Asus maximus vi hero lga 1150
RAM: G. Skill Ripjaws X 8gb (2x4gb)
PSU: 750w evga supernova 80+ gold
Case: Corsair Carbide series 300r
OS: Windows 8; if you havent switched yet then you are missing out
ssd: ocz vertex 4 128gb
hdd storage: 1tb toshiba
Currently have two case fans running, 1x140mm intake at front, and 1x120mm exhaust at the back
GPU: i have a 780 ti on the way
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  1. Idle temp isn't really important what is your load temp?
  2. Deuce65 said:
    Idle temp isn't really important what is your load temp?

    Ive not really tested with prime 95 or such but i can get up to about 75c on battlefield 4 after a couple hours, ik haswell runs hotter, but this doesnt seem safe or good, im expecting an h80i corsair this friday.
  3. That's fairly standard for the stock cooler.
  4. Deuce65 said:
    That's fairly standard for the stock cooler.

    but am i safe to play at those temps for a week or so?
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