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I have never used HDMI cables before so i have no idea on how to make it work. I am using DVI and connceted it with sony bravia , can anybody help me how to make hdmi work with my setup ? I tried connecting hdmi cable on my hd 5750 card and other part of it to my lcd screen but nothing work , i even changed my tv option to hdmi but no screen display at all . Can anybody guide me on this ?
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  1. your card does have an hdmi socket? and you're going hdmi to hdmi... pc to tv? in the tv's control panel you need to enable the hdmi slot the pc is hooked to. on the pc you need to have the hdmi driver installed and selected in the control panel/sound.
  2. Yes i am going hdmi to hdmi , is it fine ? will i didnt installed any hdmi drivers , can you guide where to install this drivers ? and also did i have to install drivers for my 3d card seperatly ? Yeah it seems like my graphics card have this slot because it fits on it completly fine and my card also support 1080p
  3. Also when i went to sony bravia hdmi settings and clicked on Enable , it says no device found , that is before intalling drivers .
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    the driver would have installed with the graphics driver. ( hdmi sound )

    go to windows updates. run and install. reboot. go back to see if there are any more.
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