HDMI cable wont connect my PC to the Vizio 26' TV

What happens every time is i plug in both cable to respective slots, the PC only having one slot for HDMI and the TV only having two. I plug the cable into HDMI 1 (yes i have tried HDMI 2 before multupile times) then i turn the computer and TV on, set the TV to HDMI 1 then it proceeds to go black for a good 10-12 seconds then i get the dreaded "No Signal". I'm not sure what else to do at this point any suggestions or will i have to settle for a DVI cable?
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  1. please does your pc have two hdmi ports one on the video card and one on the motherboard??? if it just the motherboard your using try this. plug in a monitor to the vga or dvi port and plug in the tv. boot into windows. when your in windows make sure you have the intel or amd video drivers installed for the ipgpu. if you do open the panel up and see if the tv see as a monitor. if it not reboot go into the bios see under primary display muilt monitor support is turned on. save and exit and reboot see if the monitor will now be seen. if the tv wont be seen see if inside the tv is a pc settings for it.
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