15.6" or 18.5" LED Monitor?

I am planning to get a LED Monitor. Which would be better - a 15.6 inch(1366x768) or a 18.5 inch having the same resolution.

P.S - I have a Radeon 6670 1GD5 gpu. I dont want to play games at max settings, i just want to play without lags.
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  1. bigger is always better with monitors

    If the resolution is the same the fps will be identical
  2. for a desktop the 15.6 will seem small. it is about the average laptop screen size.

    I would not always go with bigger is better since using a larger TV as a monitor leads to much larger pixels(especially at 1366 x 768), something that is not an issue for a tv because it is made to be viewed farther away.

    Another example would be how Nintendo made the 3ds XL with 90% larger screens and you can much more easily see the pixels.

    Image quality is also another factor, but this varies from user to user.

    At those 2 sizes the 18.5 is the better bet for sure. Wide screen unlike old 4:3 screens are actually quite small at 15.6 inches.
  3. I will go with an 18.5inch led monitor. Please suggest a few within 6000 INR.
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