how do I get win7 to recognize my new seagate 2tb hard drive

I just got my new Seagate 2TB internal HD today. Hooked everything up, booted up, went to BIOS and all looked ok from there. Windows 7 boots up but only shows my Samsung SSD 120GB and my WD 300GB Raptor HD the Seagate doesn't show up. However if I got to device manager it shows up there. What's going on? Why can't I see all my hard drives?
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  1. You need to format it. Right click on computer and select manage. Then click on disk management. Your new drive should be in there. Right click on it and select format or partition.

    Make sure you click on the right drive!
  2. by any chance is this a laptop using the odd bay?

    if yes i have not been able to get a 2tb drive to show up and my odd bay operates as a sata 2 perhaps your odd interface just cant read the drive.
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