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Hey all,

I am renting a dedicated server that has 2 SSD drives in a Raid-1 configuration. Windows Server 2008 is the OS and the Raid is software-based.

The nature of my business does not require data safety and since SSDs are much more reliable than traditional hard drives, I'm considering Raid-0.

The problem is that I do not have physical access to the server, and any managed assistance is extremely costly. I am in other words limited to the hardware and software I have.

So my question is how I can migrate from Raid-1 to Raid-0?

The only thing I can think of is to do the following:
1. Shrink the partition in half.
2. Create a new striped partition with the new half.
3. Somehow (ideas?) ghost the initial partition over to the new one.
4. Restart and run the ghosted Windows.
5. Delete the old partition.
6. Extend the new partition back to SSD size.

Would this work? If yes, ideas of how to do step (3)?

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    I dont think you need to run SSD's in RAID 0 (stripes)
    It would not be significantly faster than having 2 SSDs as two disks C: & D:

    If you do not have access to the server how are you going to boot off a DVD or USB to re install Windows
    (after breaking RAID 1)

    Or insert a spare hard drive, migrate partition to the new hard drive, make it boot device

    then break RAID 1 and re set to two hard drives
    then migrate back to SSD as boot drive

    Some servers have management features & remote control way beyong ordinary PC's
    (usually a special management card)

    Is your Server a real server or a virtual server ? (have you actually seen it)

    Are SSD's more reliable than hard drives ?
    Yes in laptops where vibration & shock are likely to occur in use

    are the SSD's server grade or retail PC grade ?

    (1 out of 5 SSD's I purchased over the few years was DOA)

    I think you should talk to the people who manage the server for specific advice before changing anything.
    If you need more space consider adding a high speed server grade spinning hard disk
    (10k rpm ?)

    Finally the pair of disks can not be partly striped and partly mirrored (one or the other or a pair of disks)

    Mike Barnes
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