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Hi everyone,I put my PC into sleep mode and I did not wait to complete power off , I turned the power supply switch off. Now after power on,PC can not boot up and restart again and repeated this more and more.
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    What you have done is corrupted the master boot record of the drive.
    Windows needs this in order to load.
    It contains data as to where to find and load files in order to run the installed os on the drive.

    When it becomes corrupt, no bot-table os will be found on the drive.
    To fix it, you can use a windows install disk, and use the repair tools option.

    If you have a windows xp disk you can use that.
    You need to run a command prompt.

    And type: Fixboot.
    Then type Fixmbr.
  2. Thanks Shaun for your helpful and excellent explanation.It was very useful for me.I solved my PC's problem by using "Active Partition Recovery" program.Fortunately it was very simple and good experience for me.
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