Only getting 100Mbps LAN speeds. How to solve this?

I go to lan status and i'm only getting 100 mbps speeds

how to fix this?
I'm not sure which of the 3 problems i have

1. my mobo ethernet adapter is not 1000mbps
2. my houses ethernet cables are not 1000mbps
3. my ethernet switch has a problem.

how to test these 3 components to see which one is limiting my speeds?
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  1. You're seemingly getting 100Mbps speed through the LAN.

    That means that some device in between your PC and the router is a 10/100Mbps device.

    What router is it?
    What type of cables do you have? (Cat5e will do 1000Mbps)
    What ethernet device are you using? On the motherboard? What motherboard is it?

    Not sure what you're asking here.
  2. Its a linksys cisco E4200 router.
    The cables I don't know. Thats what i need to check. The internal wiring of the house might not be cat5e. How to check? what colors or other indicators should i be looking for

    ethernet device is a chinese 2nd hand device. However its listed as 1000mbps device, but is it possible it was refurbished, with 1000mbps disabled? no idea I live in china actually, running a small home business.

    i have multiple computers, all @ 100mbps.

    I have a realteak PCIe GBE family controller BTW. The motherboard is a

    "Colorful" brand
  3. Color for the ethernet cable means nothing. You can get (and I have) Cat5 and Cat5e in multiple colors.

    Somewhere in your chain there would appear to be a 100Mbps device. What that might be, I cannot say.
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