Whenever I play Left 4 Dead 2, my PC just flat out crashes. No blue screen, just a complete power off, as if I unplugged it.

I am reluctant to think it is a hardware issue, because I can play other games just fine. I can max out BF4 at 1080p, GPU never goes above 65 C.

Mobo: Asus H81M-K
GPU: Gigabyte R9 280x (Factory OC'd to 1100 mHz)
CPU: i5 4670
8 gigs o' ram
Standard 2TB HDD

Thanks for any help!

edit: Turns out it isn't all source games, as CS:GO works fine.
Also, GPU drivers are up to date.
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  1. If it's only and only L4D2 the one causing the issue, try reinstalling it, see if some redistributable directx is also installed with the games, as these files are bundled with most games and sometimes could cause interference among them (though I must admit that causing a total power failure is really strange indeed.)

    Also just to make sure, go ahead and stress test your GPU with Furmark or your gpu stress program of your choice (let it run for at least one hour, monitor temps and voltage levels from CPU, GPU and PSU while on it)
  2. First thing to do is Verify the Integrity of your Game Cache. RMB@L4D2 -> Properties -> Local Files - > Verify

    If your PC is outright powering off, its usually your CPU overheating and shutting off to protect it from damage. Clean out your fans, make sure the thing is properly seated and make sure there is enough airflow behind your pc and around to the back of your desk. This happened to me playing Borderlands 2 with SplitTool. I moved my PC forward one inch and it was fine as airflow was improved.

    If your GPU/CPU temps are reported as very low at full load the likelihood is that your heatsinks are not properly mounted and are not removing the heat properly.

    Go to :

    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer

    And have a look. All crashes and errors are documented here and if you can't pin it down at least you'll have a start at finding the error.

    @RaDiKaL_ I think you need a bigger PSU dude. It may work but get something bigger and watch your performance fly!
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