4k tv, WIll it work for 2560x1440?

Hi, I'm looking at getting a Sony 65' 4k TV for use as a monitor for gaming. Im using a 1080 now, and would like to move up to 2560x1440, without losing the size to go back to a 30 inch monitor, and to 4k possibly when the 800 series NVidia cards are released. I'm surprised I couldn't find an answer to this in Google, unless it's such an obvious answer I'm the only person who doesn't know it, but will a 4k tv display resolutions below 4k, as a 1080p will display anything up to 1080, will a 4k display show 1080-1440-and up etc? I'm asking because I know atm my rig won't push 4k as with most, but 2560x1440 shouldn't pose much problems in most games. Thanks for any help as I'm leaving to look at the Tv's shortly, and I won't take the advice from someone at the store trying to make commission of the sale.
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    It should be same difference as a 1080p monitor displaying 720p, 1080p has 2.25 pixels for every one 720p pixel.



    and you cant have 0.25 of a pixel so the overall quality wouldn't be as good (i think)

    (because 4k has 4 pixels for every 1 1080p pixel and 1440p has 4 pixels for every 1 720p pixel, if that makes sense)

    So i believe so, yes, however the quality will not be as good as a native 1440p monitor.

    However if you are looking for a 1440p monitor there are some really cheap korean ones on ebay and they are supposed to be great, ive just ordered one

    I should just mention that I could well be wrong
  2. Thanks for the input, I have seen the native 1440 monitors, however I don't want to lose the size, after using a 65" tv for a monitor, I don't think there's anyway I could go back to sitting at a desk. Using it as 1440 would only be temporary until GPU's get HDMI 2.0 and can reasonably run 4k, reasonable being not needing quad titan's etc... Also since your example kind of makes sense to me, but not much, would there be another resolution that would give better quality, I only used 1440 as an example since that's the one I know, however I'm sure there are others in between. Sorry for the noobish questions, but in all my years building system I've never payed much attention to monitor's / resolutions etc.
  3. 1440p is 1440x2560, there is also a resolution that does not fit the same aspect ratio but gives a higher resolution 1600x2560 could be another option.

    these two images could help you choose a more realistic resolution in the short term

    but considering its the short term i think you'll be fine with the 4k TV at 1440p
  4. I've been looking to run 4k tv at 1440p and what I've encountered is that, unless your tv specifically accepts a 1440p signal, it won't work. You will probably be able to run the tv at 1080, but that may not look to great or be enough screen space for productivity. If you get a chance to try this, please post your results.
  5. Ok it has been about a year since I made this post, but this is what I learned so far...

    Either my TV ( Sony XBR 65x850a ) is terrible for gaming @ 4k, or the Nvidia Drivers are just broken. I have asked on tons of sites for advice and found many people with the same problems and no one with a definitive answer.

    1080p is fine looks good, like a standard 1080 tv to me. Will run 60FPS no problem.

    1440p is locked @ 30hz, I don't understand since Video cards I have are HDMI 2.0, and the TV supports HDMI 2.0, so I would assume it would run any resolution up to 4k @ 60FPS. It won't.

    2160p will do 60hz, thats why I'm surprised that 1440 will only do 30hz. However the Issue I have here is with SLI off, 1 video card running I can run any settings, 2160p full screen and the game is fine, but runs slow since even the Titan X will struggle at 4k. When I activate SLI I get non stop flickering when the games are run @ Full Screen.

    Also as far as productivity, I dont know what size your talking, or how far away your sitting, but my TV is 65", I sit about 6 or 7 feet away roughly, I can't read shit on it @ 4k, have to use windows DPI scaling and most things it makes the text look terrible, some programs don't scale at all.

    My personal opinion is stay away from 4k TV as a PC monitor at this point. A costly mistake i'm still regretting a year and a half later.
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