How do I know the all-in-one CPU cooling system is enough

Hi everyone.

I'm doing my first build and I don't know how to determine if a liquid cooling system is good enough.
How do I figure it out?

My CPU will be a 4770K not OC but I'd like to use a liquid cooling system such as CM Hydro series but I don't know how to figure out by myself which one is going to suffice.

Any advice on how to figure it out?

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    I think that any well reviewed good closed loop system will do fine, whenever you are underwater you have better cooling in almost every case, If you want to overclock I highly suggest getting a liquid cooler such as the CM hydro series or Corsairs H series or maybe NZXT g series, you will be able to OC your heart out without getting to hot. Hope this helps!
  2. Cheers ;)
  3. Welka said:
    Cheers ;)

    Glad I could help.
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