MSI Z77a-GD65 bootloop Bios#1 and 2 will not boot after MSI update

I ran the MSI update application (mistake)

After which my Bios was dead. Reset CMOS, no luck

Fine, booted to BIOS 2, which started up and gave me a message indicating that BIOS 1 had been repaired and to power down, switch back to BIOS 1 and reboot.

Powered down, switched to BIOS 1 and powered up. Nothing. Switched Back to 2 to try to boot from that. It is now also dead.

Is there some means of resetting to factory defaults, given that I cannot start this thing at all?
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  1. Can try resetting the CMOS (instructions in manual), have heard of other Z77 65's getting tanked on BIOS updates
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