H220 good enough to cool R9 290X and FX-8350?

I've just ordered an H220 for the CPU but understand it's expandable. My question is whether it would be good enough to cope with the heat of the 290x or am I ultimately going to end up with a GPU that's heating the water and affecting my CPU temps too negatively?

The alternative I was considering was installing a Gelid Icy Vision Rev 2 on the GPU.

Ultimately I'm after the quietest setup that allows a mild OC on the GPU and a decent OC on the CPU.

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  1. An H220 would probably worl okay for that setup. If you have heard of the NZXT Kraken G10 then you can use that and instead of going custom just buy another AIO to cool the GPU, 140mm or bigger will work.
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    You are going to have to add another radiator if you plan on adding the 290x in the loop, the radiator that comes with the H220 isnt sufficient enough to cool both a GPU & CPU without any overclocking in mind.
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