how to set up 2 ps3's on a uverse 5031nv for port forwarding

1st ps3 has ports forwarded to ports specified by PSN(for mw3). For the #2 does it need dmz+ or different ports? If ports, can they be different(1# up) from specified?
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  1. Set the second ps3 with the dmz.
  2. Aroldo said:
    Set the second ps3 with the dmz.

    Done. Plays good if we are in different matches, but lags bad if the same. Unable to join each others match most, but not every time...good result with down/up speeds too.12.5/1.5 with 1 on...(fire)..6.5/1.3 with 2 on.. had dropped to 1.5/320kb at times before. Do you think static ip will make differences from provided? Refresh ips? Just trying to tweak it , if you have any suggestions..You play? Thanks for the input.
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    Good, this is a result... you have to set static ip for the 2 ps3, because now it works but it would not work in the future. For the lags and join issues... i dont know, maybe the slower down speed (6.5) could cause the lags... i think that 2 ps3 joined to the same match from the same LAN could cause some conflicts!
    I have a ps3 and i set the dmz.
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