Need to swap motherboard on Dell N7110

OK Here is the story, I had to replace my screen on my N7110. Everything went great, but whil re-inserting the keyboard into the laptop, I accidently broke off the connection for the power switch ribbon connection. The connection piece that is soldered onto the motherboard where the ribbon connects. I want to swap the motherboard with a new one. Is it possible to upgrade this motherboard, and does anyone know what model# I should shop around for Thanks
The number on the board is DAORO3MB6E0 I went to the dell support site and looked at the installed specs ,but I could not figure out which VGA is installed.I read where the Nvida s the preferred card.
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    N7110 deppending on the model can have i3 - i5 - i7 CPU and Intel HD integrated + Nvidia GeForce GT 525M discrette one ...
    My guess is that you have all N7110 the same motherboard and only the CPU is different - maybe on i7 models the radiator is different also ....

    You shud ask the DELL Support for this - i have some cases in the past that you Can`t order specific spare for Paymond Repairs and you try to order the spare that is not ment to be installed in you laptop in the first place .....
  2. OK Thanks. I am going to the support forums and see if I can get a Model # for the motherboard . They seem to run around $150. I just don't want to get the wrong one.
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