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So I have recently decided to go with the intel core i5-3570k and I know k means it can be over clocked but I want to know if my setup is stable enough for a 4ghz over clock I have an AsRock z77 Extreme 4 mobo a 650w rosewill psu 8gb(2sticks) corsair vengeance low profile ram and a corsair h50 water cooler will this setup be able to handle a 4ghz overclock
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    The board does have cooling on the Mosfets, and the H50 should suffice, so I'd formulate yes.
  2. Alright thanks and do you have any suggestions for a stable overlock such as voltage and what should I do with my memory this is why I put noob in the title this is my third build but first overlock I've been reading a lot about over clocking and just need help starting
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