What is the safest/easiet way to backup and then update drivers for Asus Z87?


I have an Asus Z87-Pro installed in the case.

What is the safest and easiest way to backup the existing motherboard configuration and then update the following drivers:

1. Chipset
2. NIC
3. USB
4. Audio

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  1. Just download the latest versions and run the installations individually.
  2. Any chance you can provide slightly more detailed steps?

    Download to a USB thumb drive?

    Install them from with the BIOS?

    Or install them by going from the Win OS to the thumb drive (using My Computer) and then double click ont he BIOS file?

    I'm looking for specifics. Thanks
  3. You can download them to your hard drive. Then install them. Just run the installations individually. I keep a folder of the latest drivers for my board. And update as new drivers become available. A few days ago, I checked and saw that gigabyte had new versions of the chipset and USB 3.0 drivers. I just updated my driver folder and installed from there. In the past I have had problems of drivers not installing right, from a USB. But from the HD the installation worked. I think that it might be, because the USB 2.0 drivers are included in the chipset. So trying to update from the USB had some problems.
  4. spooky2th Thanks Again,
    I'll try the HD approach.
    Just to clarify, once you download them into the folder you just double click on them to launch them or do you have to invoke them from within the BIOS?
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    They might be zip or 7zip files. Create a separate folder for them and unzip in the separate folders. Then go into the newly unzipped folder and select the setup file. Follow the screen instructions like when installing most anything. I have never backed up anything to update the drivers although I do keep a backup of my data that I do not want to lose. If the update does not update right, no worries. Just do it again. Check in "device manger" afterwards to see if there is a yellow marker on the device or devices that you have updated. If there is just run the update again. bad driver updates are rare.

    Once I downloaded and installed the drivers of one of my comps and tried to install them on the wrong comp. I couldn't figure out why the updates were not taking. Then it hit me, the drivers were for the other comp.

    Do not let windows install MB drivers. I have been bitten a few times like that. Windows will sometimes try to install old or just outright the wrong drivers sometimes. Lost my audio once like that, lost my internet connection with bogus lan drivers from windows and outdated video drivers from windows too. When windows suggests a driver update I hide that update and then go and check to see if there really is an update and then I update it my self. Sometimes there is no new update but windows wants to install something. Don't do it.
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