WD1000DHTZ vs ST1000DX001 vs SSD (after a possible good price cut)

I am looking to upgrade my storage drive from WD Red 3Tb to a RAID massive with one of the following:

1. 3x1Tb VelociRaptors (10,000rpm)

2. 3x1Tb Seagate SSHDs

3. Or forget about HDD, just wait for 1-2 years and get 2x1Tb of a cheapest SSD when the prices will drop

What option is the best? Will I gain more performance with Velociraptors over WD Red, WD Black or Seagate SSHD?
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  1. I myself would wait for more affordable large SSD's if I was able to wait and the upgrade was not urgent
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    Modern 3rd generation SATA 3 6Gb/s solid state drives do not require a RAID array. I am curious. What kind of professional work do you do with your computer that requires a RAID array?

    VelociRaptors are noisy.

    SSHD's were a marketing solution developed by Intel years ago when ssd's cost $3.00 per GB. Intel thought if they could convince clients to purchase a small 10GB or 20GB ssd for about $100.00 to use as a cache for a hard disk drive, then customers who experienced some of the benefits of ssd's would be more willing to purchase an expensive ssd. Jump forward 5 years. Prices dropped last month to just a little bit over $0.50 per GB for a modern ssd. As a result sshd's are pretty much focused toward users who cannot afford a larger capacity ssd. If you can afford a 128GB or 256GB ssd, then an sshd really isn't necessary.

    I doubt we will see additional price reductions this year. The exception would be clearance sales to make room for the new PCIe and M.2 Sata ssd's. The new SATA Express standard was officially adopted last year. A few PCIe and M.2 SATA ssd's have already been released. I have them listed in the ssd database that I maintain. Here is the link:

    I'm waiting to see how the new Mushkin Scorpion Deluxe PCIe 2.0 x 8 ssd works out. Supplies are limited and the cheapest price I could find in the USA was $499.00 for the 256GB version. That's just about $2.00 per GB which is what I paid for my very first ssd years ago.
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