Random system shutdown/complete power off - heat issue?


I'm having some issues with my system powering off intermittently. I'm thinking it may be heat-related, but here are the details...

First noticed during an install of Visual Studio when fan noise/speed noticeably increased and HDD was busy/cpu under increased load. Also happened once while looking at some settings in the BIOS, and a couple other times when doing more intensive tasks, and today happened again about 3-4 minutes after I started playing COD Ghosts. I immediately tried turning the system back on; it came on and got to "Starting Windows" and then shut off again. I waited 10 minutes and tried again, and this time, it booted all the way into Windows and has stayed on for the time being (about 2 hours).

The above certainly suggests overheating issues, *except* for the fact that it happened once while I was just examining settings, temps and voltages in the BIOS (since that would not put any real load on the CPU at all).

After the first shutdown incident, I suspected possible overheating issues and took the computer down to the garage, opened it up, and cleaned everything out with canned air; it was very dusty inside and the case vent holes were completely caked in dust. Also replaced two case fans because they were not spinning anymore (two intake fans on the front of the case).

However, the problems still persisted. Here are the relevant specs:

AMD FX-8150 CPU with stock AMD heatsink/fan (but is extremely rugged; it has the copper tubing and other fancy stuff so should be fine there)
ASUS M5A99X mobo
8 GB (2x4GB) Corsair ram
Corsair TX750 PSU
EVGA GeForce GTX 760 GPU
Antec Three Hundred case

All fans are currently spinning and all vents are dust-free/unobstructed.

Core Temp is showing CPU idle temps of 53C-61C. Min = 49C, Max = 74C. TjMax = 90C, so we are within acceptable temp parameters (I would think). In Core Temp, Freq #0 is showing drops from 3912.12MHz to 1404.35MHz every 5-10 seconds, lasting for about 1-2 seconds each time. Not sure what that even means. One interesting thing I noted - this CPU (8150) is supposed to be 3.6GHz, so not sure why it is showing in Core Temp as 3.912 GHz. I did not do anything to OC it. Probably a faulty reading?

Anyway...thanks for any ideas you might have.
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    Those temps are not within acceptable temperatures, most shut off at 80c. That is a heat issue. Many put the CPU under full load. It is 3.6 but 3.9 turbo, that is normal. I would suggest reapplying thermal paste and seeing if that helps. If not, get an aftermarket cooler like a Hyper 212 Evo.
  2. Just wanted to post a final update to this thread; it was indeed overheating. I removed the stock heatsink/fan assembly and the thermal paste was dry and crumbly, very little actual thermal paste contact between heatsink and cpu. Decided to upgrade since I had everything open anyway - got a Corsair H80i liquid cooler installed and idle temps are now down to an average of 18C. Much better than 50-60C.

  3. Nice! Glad you fixed it.
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