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hey guys i was wondering if there is a fan controller for 24 fans i was wondering if there is any of those touch ones but they happen to only support 6 i believe, any suggestion or tips would be gratefully helpful

thank you.
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    8 channel fan controller @ 30w per channel. figure that average performance fans can draw up to lets say 5w that means you can easily handle 3 normal 120/140mm fans (15w for 3 of them) per channel without much issue and with lots of headroom to spare. the downside is that you can only change the speed on 3 of them at once (not individually) and its manual control.

    i have an 6 channel lamptron fc2 and they are really heavily built and can handle even the really power hungry delta fans (although likely not more than 2 per channel!)


    many of the fancy lcd versions only support like 4-6w per channel making them useless for running multiple higher end fans on one channel. they may however be able to run multiple low rpm low cfm (and low wattage) fans on a single channel.

    i've seen one of the less fancy touchscreen models offer 12w per channel (which might be able to handle 2-3 per channel depending on the power requirements) but it only had 6 channels. you would need two of them.

    --- has a wide selection of fan controllers but there isnt going to be anything that has individual control for 24 fans. also most electronic lcd styles are often limited to 4 fans (or MAYBE 6) and often have very low watts per channel.

    you might have to run multiples or deal with a manual rheobus style with 3 fans on each knob.
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