For those on the cuff about getting a new CPU cooler

I keep seeing questions about "stock cooler performance". I must say, any stock cooler should do its job "fine" under normal circumstances.

For the 6-8 core AMD's, and intel over clockers, I would just like to offer this simple picture... (keep in mind, AMD's stock cooler is larger and a better design than intels)

This is an 8320 cooler... and the 30$ hyper 212 evo cooler.

This should be a no brainer honestly, unless you are running a micro tower, well than youre not looking for performance anyway xD

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  1. Hell, for only $50 you can pick up a refurbished H100.
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    Well, aftermarket coolers are nice, they're quieter, but there is no reason for them if you don't care about noise and you're not overclocking. If your temperatures are high without OCing, chances are you just aren't that good at pushing cables to the side.
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