Can someone help explain how drivers work?

I will be replacing my graphics card myself for the first time and was wondering what I'm supposed to do when it comes to the drivers. I am replacing my Radeon 4850HD for this PowerColor 7790 hopefully tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to uninstall my drivers for my previous graphics card before installing my new graphics card or if I should install drivers for my new graphics card before installing or after. Also, in one of my previous posts someone mentioned downloading AMD Catalyst. I've downloaded it earlier today for the HD 7XXX series but I'm not exactly sure what it even does. I'd appreciate any help or advice.
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  1. Doesn't matter too much as you are going from AMD to AMD, but just go to the Windows control panel and uninstall everything AMD GPU related for good measure. All you do then is put the new card in and install the new drivers.
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    Typically what I do is uninstall my video card drivers then I delete all references to the graphics card in the device manager. Power down your PC and swap video cards. When you power everything back up then you can install the new video card drivers.
    Others will have different opinions about how to do it, but that method has always worked for me.
    AMD Catalyst is AMDs software suite that does a few things. Mainly it helps you download the unified drivers for your graphics card, manage multi-monitor setups, adjust common graphical settings, overclock your GPU, etc.
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