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Hello, I plan on having a LAN party tomorrow. I'll be having two friends over and we plan to play a few games. One of which is COD5. I know I can plug the computers into the router and have them connect to local lan, I did that before with one friend. I'm wondering if having the three computers plugged into one router can play online in the same game. I have Time Warner cable internet and usually have 30-50 ping (Not sure if that will help or not) but I wanted to know if the three computers could all be in the same game without lag. Or would it be like all three of us in different games? Do you think my network could handle it? Thanks!
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    You won't be able to tell your internet speed with ping.

    go to
    and when you test your speed, and you see something like 30Mb/s
    it means megaBITS, dont be confused with megaBYTES

    there are 8 megabits in 1 megabyte

    if you arent downloading in the background
    then all 3 should be fine with 1megaBYTE (or 8megaBITS ofspeed)
  2. Ok thank you! My internet speed varies, but right now its downloading at 1.6mb/s and will reach up to 2.5 so I think it'll work
  3. Glad to have helped :)
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