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Question Regarding ASR Z87 Extreme 4 Mobo Updates for Bios, Drivers & Utilities

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January 1, 2014 6:35:04 PM

Hello again,

First of all Happy New Year!

Now for my confusion....

Just need some clarifications if someone know specially from people who uses ASRock Mobo's, Specifically the ASR Z87 Extreme 4.

Finished my build and it uses an ASR Z87 Extreme 4. I was having some problems mainly the Bios of it Freezing, and luckily fixed it by updating bios with version L.72 (which I got from the ASR TT forum support which was an answer/reply from a different user who had the same problem)

When I checked the ASR website for Extreme 4 on the Download's tab there are loads of updates that can be downloaded specially the Bios with latest version showing "2.60" whilst my current version is "L.72" <the fix for the UEFI freezing and my version is not even in the list!.

Should I update my bios? There is a warning though saying

"Please read the information below before downloading or updating your BIOS
We don’t recommend users to update the BIOS if their system is already running normally. ASRock® assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by improper operations of downloading or updating the BIOS. Before you download or update the BIOS, please read " (How to Update)"

At the moment my system is running fine, but should I still update?

Also this goes for the Driver's and Utilities updates (found in

Do I need to download all of those and install them? Or did I create a massive mistake and should have updated them before installing the OS?

Whats weird though is that on the Driver downloads list on the link above there is a driver update for the realtek HD audio which is about 210 mb or so showing ver: When I went to Device manager and tried to update my Realtek HD Audio Driver it said "Device is up to date" even though the version at the moment shows version: not version which should be the latest one.

What did the other ASR mobo users do? Did you update yours or just leave it as it is if everything is running fine? I was going to update but after reading that warning telling me to not update if system is running normally it made me cautious and now I am asking these questions...

I already asked the ASR forums mainly TweakT... to my surprise no reply. Was my question too noob for them to answer? ...
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January 1, 2014 9:53:13 PM

Windows itself often updates driver through the OS, so what you've done is good, I prefer to load the drivers from the mobo site as at times they may take say the basic Realtek driver and modify it to their mobo, so basically any updates on the mobo site that are newer than the driver version you currently have is worth updating

Best solution

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January 1, 2014 10:21:17 PM

Your system is working fine, I wouldn't worry a lot about other stuff. The BIOS I would not touch at all. Given you had problems already, you are just best to leave the BIOS version alone until you have a really good reason to update it.

For driver updates, I also have an ASrock Extreme4-M but its for Ivy Bridge. They never have really updated the drivers since they released this particular board. Anyways, if there are updates to the drivers don't worry too much about them. Your computer is working. Download and try to install them will almost never cause problems, and if it says something like its already up to date, just forget about it until the next update. Its not going to be a big change anyways. Unless you have trouble, don't worry too much.

I agree with Tradesman1 also about only getting drivers from the manufacturer though, its just better encase they did change something.

For the part about the ASrock forum, I have never been on it so I am not sure how they are. I do know ASrock customer support is about the worst of any company though. I personally won't buy them again because of a mixture of them lying on their features and more than that their customer service.
January 2, 2014 1:01:43 PM

Okay thanks very much guys, I think I'll leave the bios for now then. I tried to update the Realtek driver and it did update rather quickly with no hiccups. Thanks for the enlightenment!