Gpu Fan turns off while pc on idle

hello guys.
when my pc go to idle and the screen goes off My vapor-x 7970 ghz edition 6gb fan turns off and on
I think it has something to do with saving power but it makes a noise when the fan turns back on every 30sc or so..
I am worried about the gpu life and the fan life cuz I use my pc 24/7 for downloading so should I be worry or its normal ?
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  1. That's fine, it shouldn't be anything to worry about. It shouldn't reduce the lifetime of your fan.
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    It is normal, if it isn't heating up then it doesn't have to spin, download MSI Afterburner which comes with RivaTuner and you can use these to monitor your GPU temps if you are feeling insecure. You can also adjust when the fan runs with that software
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