Overclocking P5K3 Deluxe and Intel Q6600 Processor

Hi, I am a beginner to overclocking and am looking to overclock my first PC in the next few weeks. I have been doing as much research on the internet as possible and just thought I would post a thread on here for any extra advice before I have a go. I would like to try and overclock anywhere to 3.0 to 3.6mhz if possible, as I have heard this can be done stable and running at a safe temperature. My system is air cooled but I may upgrade after advice. If any one has overclocked with a similar spec PC any starting BIOS figures or advice at all would be great. Also advice for the best programs people would advise me to use to test the system is stable would be great. Thanks for any help in advance!

My PC Spec;
PSU; Antec Signature Pro 650w
Motherboard; Asus P5K3 Deluxe
Processor; Intel Quad Core Q6600
Ram; 8GB 4*2 Gskill (ripjaw) DDR3 1333MHZ
Graphics; Asus Radeon HD7770 2GB
Hard Drive; Ultra Plus SSD
Akasa CPU fan (may upgrade to liquid cooling, advice welcome)
Kingston HyperX Memory Fan
Arctic F12 Pro 120mm Case Fan
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  1. i have lower specs but i will be following
  2. It shouldn't be too hard.
    drop the RAM strap/find proper RAM strap and timings
    raise the fsb
    add some vcore ..keep temps within spec..
    fsb ( not too much..up to 1.38 with Kentsfield )
    NB voltage (up to max that board supplies) ( have fan on it)
    and see how high she goes! :D
  3. Hi, Sorry for the late reply to this post! I have been a bit busy but just got back to playing with my PC, just fitted a SSD and am now at last getting around to the first overclock. Have been doing a bit more research before having ago so I don't mess things up and was wondering do these setting look o.k as a starting point for a basic over clock from 2.4 to 3.2 ghz? Still not too sure what DRAM Voltage and Ram Strap should be? Any advise before I try would be appreciated. Also should I be changing any other settings? My full PC Spec is in the first post! Thank You!

    In Bios -
    AI overclock Tuner - Manual
    CPU Ratio Setting - 8
    FSB Frequency - 400
    DRAM timing control - Manual
    CPU Voltage - 1.3
    DRAM Voltage - ??? ( G Skill ripjaw ) DDR3 1333mhz 4x2GB
    RAM strap and timings??? ( G Skill ripjaw ) DDR3 1333mhz
  4. i used similar setting i say dont bother your self bad start to o/c mine where
    CPU Ratio Setting - 7 q6600
    FSB Frequency - 440
    DRAM timing control - 5-5-5-15 giel black dragon
    CPU Voltage - 1.25
    DRAM Voltage - 2.00

    that was fine i think but i thought that was to easy so i research some more and found your better off doing it your self research everything choise your words wisly in google think of what a good o/c guy would put in a search if that makes sence :P

    and trial and every is the only way sorry it takes time :( if you can save two bios settings one so you can use your comp and one o/c and keep it up to date as in settings you change

    ((never change two meny setting at once sorry this is a must tbh))

    take notes not a must but very very helpful

    use a seprate install just for o/c really helps to

    are ram timeings check your standard timeing out might say on the sticker of the ram if not a google search easy
    keep them at standard for now and just boost the volt 0.1 - 0.2 higher will do more on this later

    start from the lowist put all setting on manual and work your way up 9*300 a good start then test if you fail work out what it is

    use the right software to monitor i recommend p95 : intelburntest : hyper_pi : coretemp : msi afterburner : i use occt instead of coretemp for monitaring good to use both some times

    (warning) watch temps only at full load and pci-e bus 101 dont wont to o/c your card by accident now
  5. and this will come in handy

    0x101 = increase vcore

    0x124 = increase/decrease QPI/VTT first, if not increase/decrease vcore...have to test to see which one it is

    0x0A = unstable RAM/IMC, increase QPI first, if that doesn't work increase vcore

    0x1A = Memory management error. It usually means a bad stick of Ram. Test with Memtest or whatever you prefer. Try raising your Ram voltage

    0x1E = increase vcore

    0x3B = increase vcore

    0x3D = increase vcore

    0xD1 = QPI/VTT, increase/decrease as necessary, can also be unstable Ram, raise Ram voltage

    0x9C = QPI/VTT most likely, but increasing vcore has helped in some instances

    0x50 = RAM timings/Frequency or uncore multi unstable, increase RAM voltage or adjust QPI/VTT, or lower uncore if you're higher than 2x

    0x109 = Not enough or too Much memory voltage

    0x116 = Low IOH (NB) voltage, GPU issue (most common when running multi-GPU/overclocking GPU)

    0x7E = Corrupted OS file, possibly from overclocking. Run sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r
  6. keep me upto date on your settings
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